Sponsorship of culture from Friedrich Wilhelm Durchdewald and his family brings Friedberg (Hesse) and Bad Nauheim together. The family is operator of the Webcams in Friedberg. Family Durchdewald bears the expenses for mounting the webcams at the top of the main train station in Bad Nauheim



Gertrud Gilbert is helping honorarily translating these websites. She is an actress in D-61231 Bad Nauheim, www.Gertrud-Gilbert.de. Further informations are to be found on this website in German und English.

Constanze Cymmek beteilgt sich ehrenamtlich an der Übersetzung dieser Website (!) Englischtraining Constanze Cymmek, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Telefon: 0049 (0) 176-62 84 67 23, Email: info@cclingua.de, Website: www.cclingua.de

Monika und Robert Hofmann, Allianz Generalvertretung Robert Hofmann e.k.   www.allianz-hofmann.com

Charalampos Tsiaousis donated to each participant at the opening event of the Crowdfunding initiative a voucher for a drink.

Opening hours of the cocktail bar and lounge of the Trinkkuranlage in Bad Nauheim: daily beginning 4.pm (except for mondays)


The Local Agenda 21-Initiative Crowdfunding is supported and made possible by the city parliament and the coordinating group for the Agenda.